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Q: How we can use Monitis cloud monitor for testing web availability, page load and make some web interaction(transaction)?

Monitis gives many possibilities and options for monitoring simple web site’s and also for big enterprise solutions.

In our case, we need simple monitoring of web page availability, full page load and maybe a simple interaction (Synthetic transaction)

First, we navigate to: Monitis

Monitis give us an option for creating a free trial account.

So, let’s sign up for a free trial.

After we confirm our account data, we need to login to the dashboard.


Now we have to start with our set up.

First I recommend adding Contacts.



We need to click on Alerts – > Contacts – > New contact.  For our case we need to receive alerts through email and SMS, so for the first contact we choose the Contact type to email, then we enter name, last name, email, we choose an email format (HTML for example), and if we have a group we can choose to assign the contact to the group.

Click on next. In the next step Alert rules by default is selected Custom Configuration (Advanced) so click Ok.  We are going to set up the alert rules after.


Now we need to add another contact (can be the same contact) but we are choosing SMS Contact type. We need to add a phone number that will receive SMS alerts and we need to verify our phone number with the code that is received by SMS.

Trello + Zapier + Cloud – Ultimate tool to organize your life

Get up early, do some stuff at home, go to work, you get thousands of emails, files, conversations, go to the store to buy some stuff for everyday needs, get things done at home etc. and you’ll notice how much stuff have you forgotten to do. Every single of us is familiar with this. Now we have magical tools which can help us like calendars, to-do lists, and note taking apps. Why not link them together? For this purpose we have a great tool, called Zapier.

It doesn’t matter which tools you use to organize your life, there is a big chance that Zapier supports your apps, and you can link them together. We will show you some helpful use cases.