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Test Management tools – Kanoah

Having a good test management tool is very important in every project. You can easily become confused, if you are working on many projects with different bug tracking and test management tools.
Just imagine that you have a powerful bug tracker and a test management system in one application, on one place and it works very well – that would be very cool. There are different tools which has both functionalities together, but many of them are complicated or pricey.
I have searched for tools which has both bug tracker and test management functionality and they are simple for use and their costs are correct. Found this: Kanoah Tests

What is Kanoah Tests?

Kanoah Tests is a test management solution designed for JIRA. It doesn’t require external integration. With Kanoah, you can easily create and organize Test Cases and Test Plans in folders and sub-folders. This can be very useful if you have many functions and sections on your page/application. Every of them can be added into separate folder and/or sub-folder. This gives you the ability to organize all your Test Cases and/or Test Plans in a well-structured library.


Few days ago I find this interesting service – Checked it. I will now share my experience here.

Why is this interesting?

Besides the usual testing (sometimes done only by developers) the user feedback is very important! Your site can look good, but if it is hard to use, users won’t love your site and this can cost much.
So how to get real users to test what I need to be tested on my site?

Usertesting pay users to test their client’s website and tell all about the website what they see during completing the assigned test.

Ok, how can I become a tester?

Dark Patterns – tester viewpoint

What is dark pattern?

“A Dark Pattern is a user interface that has been carefully crafted to trick users into doing things, such as buying insurance with their purchase or signing up for recurring bills.” –
Dark patterns are not web developer mistakes, they are intentionally created, using a human psychology to fulfill one goal, trick users. If user does not pay enough attention or in hurry made a quick registration, an unwanted option can be selected easily. This way user can choose something or subscribe for service what actually never wanted or worst – can cause high bills.

I’m sure that every internet user has at least once met with dark patterns – example: hidden costs, the important information was hidden, got trick questions…

Testrail – first impressions

Everybody can confirm that the software development and testing are very complex processes. Having a good organizing tool (or using more of them) can help a lot to make the process faster and more fluid.
This time I will write about TestRail – the test management tool.

Why Testrail?

We have tried many test management tools – installed a lot of them, played with settings, configurations and at the conclusion was that those apps was uncomfortable/complicated for everyday use. We tried to find some free test management tools, but after few try we decided to try a professional ones.

How to avoid App Store rejection

If you are iOS developer, I’m sure that you have heard several stories (or experienced yourself) of how difficult can be to get Apple’s approval for your app. Why does Apple reject apps or what are the big mistakes that most developers make?
I have searched for the reasons and in this post I will give you a little guide what must to be observed to avoid app rejection.
First of all you have to read the “App Store Review Guidelines”. Here you can find every important information what is needed during the development/app building. The list is very long, so it is hard to remember every point from this list, and this was the main reason why has Apple created a page and explain which rules are broken the most often.

Screen recording – screencast – part III

In my previous posts I have described my favorite solutions for screen recording(Screen recording – screencast – part I and Screen recording – screencast – part II). Applications are free, just have to create an account. They have some limitations, but for the basic screen recording and image editing, they will work perfectly.
This time I will describe some paid/professional and easy-to-use programs. When we are talking about professional image/video editing, we have to say that there are many applications for this purpose. Most of them are very expensive, but they give lot of tools for image/video editing.

Screen recording – screencast – part II

In my previous post I have started introducing Jing. This time I will continue with Jing options and after that I will describe Box Simple Share.


After the record window was selected, there will be displayed the following options: Capture Screenshot, Capture Video, Redo selection and Cancel.

Screen recording – screencast – part I

Every tester will agree, that every well written issue should contain screenshots. Screenshots will help to explain the issues. But what about the complex issues, when have to click on more different places, execute complex operations to get the issue. You can take screenshot after every click and add explanation for every image. This can be solution, but a video is much better.

There are many situations when the screenshots are simply not enough. In this cases the best solution is to make video of the issue. There are many programs for screen recording. Some of them are totally free, some of them have a free and a commercial version.

Bug report writing tips

Unfortunately for developers, bugs are part of every software development. The bug report should be as simple and straightforward as possible. If every user can reproduce the bug using your report then you can consider your report well-written.

I will now add some tips how can you make well-written report:

Importance of Quality Assurance Testing

What is QA and why it is important?

Definition of QA: Quality Assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers.