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In my last blog post, I talked about Vysor, a screen mirroring application and the benefits of using similar tools for manual testing. This time I will write about Wondershare MirrorGO, another Android screen mirroring application with rich features and beautiful interface.

MirrorGO Android Recorder is developed by Wondershare. They promote it as an Android mirroring application for gamers to play on bigger screens and record their games. Mirroring works using ABD (Android Debug Bridge). For using MirrorGO, you need to download an application for your Android device and for your PC as well. After running both applications on the devices, the software will guide you through the setup process. After an easy setup, you are ready for testing on your desktop screen. The full version of the application is usable for 30 minutes, after that you have three subscription options.
MirrorGO has a really good looking, modern user interface. I really liked it. The guide was understandable and the features are reachable quickly.

Now, let’s see the main features. For the first time USB connection is a must. After that, you can connect your device to WiFi. To be honest, I could not make it work. I followed some setup guides and videos, but it doesn’t work for me on my Tesla 6.2 Android phone. In the comments on Google Play, I found many users who complained about the same.

The USB connection works reliably, but it has a big down side. The mirroring is slow. The app is for gamers, but I wasn’t able to enjoy playing. Basic things, like browsing the web was a bad experience, too. The good thing is that the quality of the mirroring was good, I used in HD resolution. Another issue was that I wasn’t able to turn off USB debugging anymore. It was turned on until I uninstalled the app from my device.
The screenshot and screen recording tools worked fine. Made some records, and I was amazed, how smoothly it worked. It was easy to use and to make changes to the settings. The file transfer method is drag N drop, a reliable and useful feature.

The good-looking UI and the easy to use features made a good impression on me. The slow connection was the biggest issue with it, but lowering the resolution of mirroring can fix it, but it was a big minus for me. For manual testers, this application has everything that is needed for fast work and quality recordings, but it has space to evolve. Looking forward to future updates.

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