New Year. New Resolution(s). If you haven’t started yet to work on new skills, it is the right period to do it. (it is never late anyway, but sooner is better)
Some holidays are over, some will just arrive. You have already started thinking about “upgrade” yourself to a “bigger”, smarter, more valuable you. Good thinking.

But, the most important question is where to start?

Browsing through the internet you can find a dozen of quality materials. But how can I know where could I learn the most and spend much less time with it?
The question will never have an exact answer because it always depends only on you. You can find quality materials, with the best ratings (actually, those are definitely worth to try), but it will not guarantee that it will fit for you.

So, where to find it?

If you already found earlier some lecturers, presenters, teachers who had shown nice approach to you, by explaining and presenting the materials, follow them. Search for their further work. That will surely spare you from some headache and from spending too much time for searching. Also, if there is one, there will be more. Investigate, listen and watch other ones.
What If I don’t want to spend too much money or I don’t want to spend money at all to those materials?
There are always individuals, who will catch your attention, and just from fun started to share their materials to help anyone who has the will to learn more. You have then three solutions.

Search for free courses

Do not skip the sites with video sharing sites as Youtube or Vimeo
Most of the free materials will be available for anyone by subscribing to a site with learning materials. If you have already narrowed down the field of interest or you want to enrich your vision of the world, start searching for that particular material
You want to learn to program, but why? What kind of programming is for you, or which branch of IT is your interest? Check this example, it will surely help: Start Coding.
Make subscription on pages with materials, they will keep you updated and from time to time you will earn the possibility to enroll to a course for free. Have you met EduFyre?

Free course email
Good examples of free courses are: Academic Earth, Allison, Cybrary, Future Learn, MVA,, Open Culture, Open Learn, but there are a lot more.
If you can’t find video materials or courses, you will surely find free tutorials, one of my favorite: Tutorials Point or try to check ebooks on Trade Pub.
Also, you can be a part of some webinars

Search for courses with discount

Subscript to newsletters, wait until the deals are looking for you (Udemy, Stack Skills,Zenva, …)
If you already have subscription to some kind of sites (with signup or with some kind of monthly/yearly fee), you already know that every site is the story for itself.
Some of them will have only free materials, some of them will have great deals as courses with discounts, or also lately a very popular one, pay what you want courses. Check this Fossbytes page for deals or Stack Social (there are free courses as well).
Don’t miss the deals from Shaw Academy. They already gave a chance for free courses, monthly/yearly fee, lifetime membership and so on. I think they

Pay monthly/yearly for courses:

Try out some kind of trials, like Lynda or Linkedin Learning. It depends on the time period, but some of them will allow having 7 to a 30-day trial. It is more than enough time to consider are you satisfied with their possibilities or not. Great concept.
Online you can find a lot of courses from universities. They made deal with Edx or Coursera for example and you have there free courses, courses with one-time fees or monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Check this nicely chosen list as well: 37 websites to learn something new.

Share your progress with us, or comment if you found some sites with quality materials (but it is not listed here).

Thank you for reading

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  1. Konstantin Firsanov says:

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  2. Totally agree with it. Thanks for your reply!

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