Having a good test management tool is very important in every project. You can easily become confused, if you are working on many projects with different bug tracking and test management tools.
Just imagine that you have a powerful bug tracker and a test management system in one application, on one place and it works very well – that would be very cool. There are different tools which has both functionalities together, but many of them are complicated or pricey.
I have searched for tools which has both bug tracker and test management functionality and they are simple for use and their costs are correct. Found this: Kanoah Tests

What is Kanoah Tests?

Kanoah Tests is a test management solution designed for JIRA. It doesn’t require external integration. With Kanoah, you can easily create and organize Test Cases and Test Plans in folders and sub-folders. This can be very useful if you have many functions and sections on your page/application. Every of them can be added into separate folder and/or sub-folder. This gives you the ability to organize all your Test Cases and/or Test Plans in a well-structured library.

You can link JIRA issues to the test cases, create JIRA issues from test cases or during test runs; associate test Cases to one or several Test Plans, track the executions and of course generate a wide variety of reports. It supports using filters, tags, statuses, fields. Using the REST API, you can integrate your automated Test Cases as well.
To discover all the available functionalities do not hesitate, visit the www.kanoah.com page and click on Free Trial and try it yourself.
Installation is simple, just need to follow the steps in Installation section – Check the installation steps


Using the application:

1 – Create test cases and organize them
The Test Cases can be added one-by-one or in bulk. Also they can be imported from other projects or they can be imported from file. The import is supported the following applications: Kanoah Tests, QAComplete, TestLink, TestRail.

Here you can add Test Scripts, add JIRA issue to test case, attachments, custom fields….
2 – Test Plans
Test Plans can be created easily with few clicks. Just use drag-and-drop to add test plans to folders.
3 – Test Runs
Creating Test Runs – here you have many options and you can customize the Test Runs on many ways. Simple use drag-and-drop to add and reorganize the test cases; assign testers and environment in batch.
4 – Track test execution and reports
Kanoah has a powerful report creation. Available reports are:
Test Execution Report (Summary), Test Execution Report (Status), Test Execution Report (Effort), Test Execution Report (Issues), Test Execution Report (Coverage), Test Execution Scorecard by Component, Test Execution Scorecard by Coverage, Test Execution Scorecard by Folder, Test Execution Scorecard by Tester, Test Execution Scorecard by Test Run, Test Results, Test Results Impacted by Issues.
Beside of these reports you can create different Traceability reports, like: Coverage Report, Traceability Report, Traceability Matrix, Traceability Tree.


Kanoah Tests is a very good solution for test management. It is very easy for use, simple and practical. Excellent JIRA integration and ability to use linking between any project makes it very flexible and much more usable than any other similar solution.
The application is well documented; you can find their wiki page on this link: Kanoah Wiki page
The only disadvantage is that it works only in “Host on your server” version and so far it is not available in Cloud version. It would be very good if the application can be used in “Cloud” version as well.

Kanoah Tests is a must-have application/plugin for test case management. It will increase your business productivity for sure!

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