Few days ago I find this interesting service – Checked it. I will now share my experience here.

Why is this interesting?

Besides the usual testing (sometimes done only by developers) the user feedback is very important! Your site can look good, but if it is hard to use, users won’t love your site and this can cost much.
So how to get real users to test what I need to be tested on my site?

Usertesting pay users to test their client’s website and tell all about the website what they see during completing the assigned test.

Ok, how can I become a tester?

It is free and tester can become everybody with fluent English, who has a microphone and a better PC/MAC, capable to run screencast software. You just need to register on their site and if your profile is needed for a site testing, you will get request for testing.

Thanks looks very easy. You will get about $10 for a 15-20 minute test on PayPal. So you can see that this is not a job what will you make rich, but you can make extra cash each month.

How can I become a customer?

You can easily register and easily submit your site for testing. You can select Basic or Pro plan – for the start select Basic and later you can upgrade if you like the service and you need more.

As customer you can create own tests, or use a test templates based on your website and the testers – real people – will complete these tests. They will give you feedback in video – recorded by the usertesting software during the testing session.

Why is this useful?

Site owners can get feedback in very short period from real users about some problematic or new sections of your website.
You can see where they have problems using your site, what they think about some new features.

Can only used for testing a website?

The answer is simple – it can’t.

It is not enough to have only feedback from real users. The website needs to be tested with professional testers, to ensure that the site is without issues.

I can explain this with an example from the real life – how we are making the testing in WeDoQA.
Our QA team has highly educated professional testers, UX experts and non-tech bug hunters. Why is this good? Professional testers are mainly focused on hunting the functional, layout issues, UX experts can give to customer suggestions how can they improve the front-end of the page to have clean design and an interesting and trendy website. Non-tech bug hunters are our real users, they are providing user acceptance testing, they are using the page and saying their opinion about the page.
All the issues are well documented, screenshots and screencasts are included together with the detailed steps how can the customer reproduce the issue.

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