Do you wonder about a bug free program which can handle virtual machines? Easy to use and it contains all those little shine elements you love to use? Sounds good, but it is barely possible.
I will not talk about perfect program, nor I found one which is, but about one which is open source and it contains many-many brilliant things which can be used. Is it bug free? Don’t be ridiculous, but it has nowadays a really mature version of it. Personally I loved to use versions like 4.3.30 if I am not wrong, but the last stable version is 5.0.10. The 5.0+ versions giving more visual satisfaction, also new functionalities as well.
I could talk about it all day, how to use, what to not use, about some configuration etc, but my goal is to give you some solution when you got a dead and with using it.
I am using Windows OS and I faced a lot of times the following issues:

  • Cannot register the DVD image ‘C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso’ {210a7bb3-0082-40cb-acb9-8a6d6cb9a2c0} because a CD/DVD image ‘C:\ProgramFiles\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso’ with UUID {e63728f6-bbfd-4a77-87ee-a90618ce4863} already exists.
    Error window
    What actually happened? Using virtual machines consummates a lot of empty space, so I have created a virtual machine, copied it to an external hard drive, copied back to the pc (it works faster from the primary hard disc than from an external hard drive), tried to use the Machine/Add+ option to add an existing virtual machine, than I got the error message.

    What do you need to know?
    1) What is VBoxGuestAdditions.iso – it is an ISO file, which is required if you want to setup and handle the Copy + Paste between the real and virtual machine, to use the drag and drop option between the two machines and for example if you want to share a folder with the virtual machine from the real machine.
    2)Which files you should edit (not recommended in other cases) – Find the folder where the virtual machine is located, and find two files: VirtualMachineName.vbox and VirtualMachineName.vbox-prev. Edit them with Notepad++. You should simple change the UUID for the iso file.
    solution screenshot from notepad++
    (The first UUID should be changed with the second: 210a7bb3-0082-40cb-acb9-8a6d6cb9a2c0 to e63728f6-bbfd-4a77-87ee-a90618ce4863, save both of the files and retry.)
  • • I don’t have error message for that, but I you have the following situation: used one of my virtual machines a while, saved different snapshots, there was no problem with using it. There was two solutions, which were helped me: starting VirtualBox as administrator or updating it to the latest version. (Extension pack as well)
  • • How can you disable the shared folder in under 5.0 version? Easily, but from 5.0 it is not that easy.
    If your virtual machine is running, you could get this error message:
    problme while the vm is running
    If your virtual machine is turned off, you could get this error message:
    If your virtual machine is turned off, you could get this error message:
    How can you solve it? Try to remove the shared folder while the VM is running. Close it with power off option. You should find now the configuration files (mentioned earlier .vbox and .vbox-prev files) in the VM’s folder. You have to delete two rows which looks like this example:

    <SharedFolder name="Install_folder" hostPath="path of the folder on the real machine" writable="true" autoMount="true"/>

    Save the files and open the VM again.

These are only few of the problems, but I got these more frequently. I hope you will find these rows helpful.
There a lot more problems, check them here: VirtualBox bug tracker

Send your comment with a description when and how was the problem present and I will try to help you.

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