I assume that a Jenkins is already installed and running on your system.
the first step is to open Jenkins in your web browser a If you didn’t changed the default settings you can reach Jenkins on http://localhost:8080/

After you login to Jenkins the following screen should appear:

Set up ant in Jenkins in Manage Jenkins -> Configure System. If you use auto install Jenkins will download Ant immediately before the next build.

Go to new item
Name your project and choose Freestyle project.

Click Add Build Step and choose invoke Ant

Go the the job folder which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\jobs\test Project and create a folder with the name workspace, and copy you projects source code into the folder

Now build the project

If everything goes well the output should look like this

That’s all. From here you can set up scheduled test runs, email reports, or try out one of the plugins you can install.

The test project used can be downloaded from this link:

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