What is a test management tool?

Test management tools have several features, like managing the tests, scheduling the tests, managing the test activities, text execution tools etc. You can find many related articles here

I have been looking for an optimal test management tool lately. First, I have searched for free tools, googled about these tools. Tried some of the demos. They are all very different (Comparison from StackOverFlow). Some of them were giving me really hard time during use, they were too complicated. On the end I got the feeling that everywhere is missing something. If the interface was simple, it was too limited or the whole system was too slow. How can you find the optimal, or I can say the best fit for you? Try them.

I have found very valuable article (they does not have all the most recommended tools, but you can surely find one of the listed tools, which might be good for you as well) :
– Wikipedia list with a comparison – Test management tools
– Open source tools – From http://www.opensourcetesting.org
– List of better test management tools – From SoftwareTestingHelp.com (I suggest to read the comments also, how the people could have different taste and requirements #24 vs #25)
After a lot of time with reading and trying, I have decided to check some of the affordable test management tools. You can find so many tools, it will be not easy to choose, but maybe your budget (or the planned monthly sum) will help to choose the best one. I mostly use Jira for bug and issue tracking, so I wanted to try Jira’s solution, called Zephyr.
I thought when Amazon, Apple and Google are using it, it worth a try. How is it working in Jira integration? Let’s check it.


If you do not have account for Jira, you can easily sign up for one trial account, so you will have enough time to check is it for you or not. You can try it without Jira as well. Check this link.
If you sign up with Jira + Zephyr cloud subscription (try on this link), don’t be afraid, Zephyr will be added into your Jira account.
Jira Cloud add-on
If you already have Jira account, just find the Zephyr add-on.
Try Zephyr for Free
For which purposes can you use Zephyr? It is Jira’s Native test management, so you can Plan your test cycle, Create Tests and Search for them with enhanced search engine, create and modify tests, build test plans and execution cycles, link defects, execute manually or with automation, you have multiple metrics for tracking the quality…
Webinar Slide - Zephyr
Where will you found Zephyr options and features?
Test menu will be displayed between the Jira menu options.
Zephyr options
Zephyr looks really good:
Image from Jira
Image From Documentation
Test Step Creation
How could it look like?
It is easy to use, but if you have questions, view the Zephyr documentation.
You can also integrate Zephyr with Automation or Continuous tools, more about it here.
There are some video tutorials for Zephyr.

If you don’t want to check and read the documentation, simple just register to one of Zephyr webinars. Check here the Webinar dates.
You are interested in Zephyr? Try the demo version of Zephyr Server as well (it’s recommended to open it in Firefox).

Thanks for reading the article and don’t miss our next article about a test management tool called TestRail.

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