This algorithm will be the next on the list of Google’s updates. Will it impact too much on the Google SERPs in the future? Judge it yourself. Maybe it is enough to say, that more than 50% of the internet traffic is used by mobile devices.
Check here is your website mobile friendly.

Why is important to have a mobile friendly website?

50% of the traffic is a lot. It is not all from Google, but enough to make big changes. Why is important to have mobile friendly updates? Why should people pay attention on it?

Just think about it. You are using your mobile device. Have you ever tried to view a website and you have no other solution than zooming on and out the articles? You know the page very well and you have searching for the menus and special contents and you were not able to find it. You tap on the titles and other contents will be loaded. Have you found websites where the text is hard to read with even using the zooming option or you can’t zoom on the content? You are in hurry, but you are not recognizing the website what you were viewed yesterday on your pc. There are lot of things which will make you leave the website. These factors are saying that the website is not mobile friendly. That is why there is a need for an algorithm which will check is it or not mobile friendly. Google wants to give to their viewers the most relevant results. What they want also is to escape from the disappointing factor when the viewers are leaving some of the sites, because they are barely usable or irrelevant.
overlap example
There are more and more websites which are already Mobile Friendly. Don’t you think that it is not fair to place two sites on almost the same SERP result position when one of them is mobile friendly, one not? No one wants to lose his/her time to check irrelevant sites. Look at the brighter side and prepare for it. They will make a good thing, they want to make their SERPs more trustworthy. Also, by changing your page, the user experience will be surely improved.
Top seven mistakes.

Mobile Friendly Algorithm

I read one interesting statistic data:

Google users had the highest Smartphone penetration (80%) vs. 58% for Yahoo and 65% for Bing.

Read the whole article with statistic data on SearchEngineLand.
Google has worked hard to make it easier to complete the expectations. (You want better ranking, you should play their game and fulfill their expectations). If you are not using Google Webmaster Tools, this is a good time to start using it. The new algorithm will show his affects from 21th April. It will be big. All Google’s algorithms were made to check their expectations and these algorithms are sorting the SERP results when you are search for something.
As I said earlier, you can check is your website mobile friendly, but that’s not all. You can get good tips from there how to improve it.
Mobile-Friendly Test
Do not miss to check the also the Mobile Usability options from the Google Webmaster Tool.
Webmaster Tools - Mobile Usability
Browse the internet for more help and do not miss Yoast’s help. Also check this site, too.

Good luck!

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