VisGrid is a very useful GUI tool to start/stop the Selenium hub and to add/remove nodes to it.
First step to download the program from and to extract wherever you want.
We can start to program with the ‘VisGrid.jar’ file.


The GUI is very simple. In the top of the window there are the options for the hub.
With the Start Hub button we can start the hub. After we started the hub we can add node(s) to it.


To add a node click to Create Node button. A little options window appears where we can choose the browser, the session and the instances number.
After we added a node we can add other nodes if we want. If we click to the created node, we can see the node details.


The summary about this tool that it is a very useful tool if we doesn’t want to change the browser and selenium drivers. The problem is that the drivers are given with the tool and we can’t change them to a specific version.

Posted By István Lackó

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