In my previous post I have started introducing Jing. This time I will continue with Jing options and after that I will describe Box Simple Share.


After the record window was selected, there will be displayed the following options: Capture Screenshot, Capture Video, Redo selection and Cancel.

Video options:

Click on Capture Video and the recording will start in few seconds. Under the selected window there will be displayed the video options: Finish, Pause/Resume, Mute/Unmute, Restart, Cancel


At the right side there is a timer and it is showing the elapsed/remaining time.


When you have finished the recording, just click on Finish button. After that a new window will appear. Here you can define the file name and you can choose how do you want to save the recorded video: to save locally, share via screencast or cancel the video.


At the right side there is an option button. Here you can modify the buttons, add new buttons, add new share options(youtube, facebook, twitter, flickr, ftp – some options may require to buy full licence). With these options this tool will become your favorite screen recording tool.


Screenshot options

After the record window was displayed/selected, click on Capture Image. The capture will be done immediately. On the left side there will be displayed the following edit tools:
arrow, text, frame, highlight, tool color.


Using of this tools is very easy and you can annotate your image in seconds or add the proper comment. Also there are the redo/undo options.
After you have finished with image editing, you can share/save/copy or cancel the image. The tools options is available here, too. You can add another share options like youtube, facebook, twitter(some options may require to buy full licence)….
With this tool it is very easy to make screenshots, add comment on it.


History options

Just hover the mouse on the displayed Jing interface and click on History button. Here you can find every screenshot and video what was made. just click on it to view, share or delete. At the header there are filters, video, image, both, so you can easily filter out the unwanted content.

The above described options are all available and working in fine, so this program is my favorite. If you want more options, if you want to use the program without limitations you can buy their professional program – Camtasia Studio(screencast) or Snagit(screencast and image capture). These programs will be described next time.

Box Simple Share

Go to and register a free account. The simple share add-on is very simple and it is very helpful. Unfortunately this add-on is not available(or it is very hard to find) on official site, but you can find it, just google for it.

After you have installed, just right-click on icon and you will get the following options: Draw region, Grab full screen, Upload file, Record video


Draw region – just draw region and after the image will be immediately uploaded to your account
Grab full screen – the whole screen will be captured and it will be immediately uploaded to your account
Upload file – you can upload custom files
Record video – just draw region and the video record will start immediately. There is only 1 option – Stop recording. After the button was pressed the video will be uploaded to the account.

After you have made the screenshot/video it will be automatically uploaded to your account. Just login to your box account and you can easily share/download your video/image.

Preferences: here you can fine tune the program, set hotkeys, disable automatic upload…


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