Every tester will agree, that every well written issue should contain screenshots. Screenshots will help to explain the issues. But what about the complex issues, when have to click on more different places, execute complex operations to get the issue. You can take screenshot after every click and add explanation for every image. This can be solution, but a video is much better.

There are many situations when the screenshots are simply not enough. In this cases the best solution is to make video of the issue. There are many programs for screen recording. Some of them are totally free, some of them have a free and a commercial version.

I have tried many programs, like Screenr, CamStudio, Screencast-o-matic and few other programs. Every of them can record the screen. This is true. But I needed something different, a program with a simple interface. To start the recording with only 1-2 clicks and finish the recording easily. Found 2 proper solutions: Jing and Simpleshare.



The program is very simple. After installing you will need to create an account to use the free 2GB cloud storage. You can use the program without creating account, but it is recommended to register one. If you create an account you can easily upload/share the taken screenshot/video. After the recording is finished you will have options to Share/Save or Delete video. If you share the video it will be uploaded to screencast.com and when the upload is finished the video URL will be automatically copied to the clipboard, so you can easily paste it(CTRL+V).
After starting the program a bubble will appear and you can move it freely where you want on the edge of your screen. This way the program is every time before you, just hover the bubble with mouse and you will get options: Capture, History, More.

Just click on Capture and select the region for recording. After the selection is finished user will get 4 options: to take a screenshot, to make a video, redo the selection or cancel the process.
The program has a free version and the paid version. And yes, the free version has limitations.
The main limitation is that the recorded video can be max 5 minute long and the available free storage is 2GB.

If you want to find out more about Jing options, Camtasia Studio(professional/paid version of Jing) and Simpleshare, just come back and check the blog in few days.

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