Regression testing, sometimes referred to as verification testing, is a type of testing that is done after patching or modifying an implementation within a program. This is done by rerunning existing tests to check whether the bugs were fixed, and that previously working features weren’t broken.

Effective regression testing policies can significantly improve the success of the project, because early identification of problems can save countless hours spent chasing and resolving bugs. The most effective way to this is to address the regression test in your test plan from the start. Use existing test cases, and write new ones as needed. If you have multiple tests for a bug, but when the bug is eliminated from the program, select the best of the tests associated with it and remove the rest. Review and update the test cases before every testing to ensure a high quality test process for the release.

Decide what tests will be manual and what tests automated. If they are automated, what tools you will need, if they are manual who will do the testing, what kind of coverage do you want?  Your test plan should address all those items in some way.

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