Unfortunately for developers, bugs are part of every software development. The bug report should be as simple and straightforward as possible. If every user can reproduce the bug using your report then you can consider your report well-written.

I will now add some tips how can you make well-written report:

– Report the issue immediately
You should report the bug immediately after it was noticed. If you report the issue later, you can miss some important details about the issue.
– Short, accurate title
Add a short title, but it have to be accurate. Do not describe the issue, just wrote it down in one sentence
– Only one issue per report
Do not add more issues into one report. If you add many issues into one report, some of them can be skipped during the fixing.
– Description and steps to reproduce
Describe the issue and add the exact steps how it can be reproduced. If the steps are not correctly defined, reproducing the issue will be hard. Developer can say that the issue is not reproducible and can close the ticket.

Most of the testers don’t like to write reports. They may think that it is just wasting their time. But the bug report is very important document. Writing a good bug report helps to developers and managers to identify the exact reason on the issue and this way the time for the fixing will be shorter. This automatically mean that your company can save resources as well.

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