In my previous post I have described the method with which we take screenshots or videos during the mobile testing. Taking the screenshot or video is only the first step.
The next step is transferring the screenshots to your computer.

If you use only one mobile device for testing, the best and fastest way is to connect the device directly to the computer. After the device was connected just copy-paste the images.
Now imagine that you have 5-6 devices, and you need to connect each one and copy the images. Very slow…

In this case you can select another method for transferring the files.

One method can be sending the screenshots by email. This can be fast enough, but many email providers and applications have limitations. Because of this sending a large amount of screenshots may result in sending multiple emails. This can slow down your work.

Another method is using online services. There are many services for file sharing. I suggest selecting a service/provider which provides suitable applications for desktop and mobile devices, too. A good selection can be or Both services have desktop and mobile support.

Use of these services is very easy – just select your files and upload them. After the upload is finished you can easily download them to your computer.

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