In my previous post I have mentioned mobile application testing on simulator/emulator. This time I will describe the manual mobile application testing using online services. I have searched for online testing tools in Google and found many sites/services. Some of them only allow some devices listed and you can check only a website, by entering the URL. What about the apps made for mobile devices? I continued the search for something where I can test apps and URL’s, too.
Find the next page:

You can create a trial account and try it for free.

They have 4 main functions:

  • Live
  • Automate
  • Screenshots
  • Responsive


here you will get the selected device, started on a virtual machine and displayed in the browser. It is working very well. Here you can test your mobile apps by installing them on the selected device. The live page offers many desktop OS and IOS and Android, too.


After the OS is selected the list of devices will be displayed:



You just need to select the corresponding device and your configuration will be loaded very fast.


You can use landscape and portrait mode testing, too.



Here, many devices/OS combinations are listed and you just have to pick up the needed browsers, add the URL and click on Generate screenshots button.
The screenshots will be generated shortly. The thumbnails will be displayed on the same page. The image will be displayed enlarged when clicked on thumbnails.


Responsive testing:

In this section you can perform a full responsive testing of the site, just enter the URL and select the device/resolution what you want.

Responsive testing


Using the site for manual testing is very easy. In just a few clicks you can get a working image of an IOS or Android device. The images are working fast, much faster than in our emulator/simulator tests.
They have many OS/browser combination ready for testing and in comparison with many other services, they give unlimited testing time on all Live interactive testing plans.

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