As a QA engineer today, it is hard to choose the right tools to help us get our job done and to remain competitive. There is a constant need to try out and learn how to use these new tools.

Today we will look into TestComplete.

On their site, there is a one-month trial which can be downloaded and installed. The application is well documented and there are a lot of video tutorials which can speed up the learning process.

Here are some instructions for those who want to quickly try out this tool:

1. To create a test suite open TestComplete and click on “Create a New Project”.

Create a New Project

Enter project name and click finish.

Enter Project Name

It will open the project manager, where we can delete, modify our group our tests.

Project Manager

2. To quickly add a new test using the record function click on the “Start Page” tab then “Record a new test”. After this TestComplete will record the user’s actions, and these recorded commands will be the test steps in our first test. When you are finished just click on the stop record button and the project manager windows will reappear.

Record a New Test

3. To replay a test click on “Run Test”. Also after each command a screenshot is taken. These screenshots come handy when we need to determine the cause of an error.

Run Test

And here it is we have made a test, and we have tried out too.
There is a video tutorial made to demonstrate the instructions from above:

Of course you can make much more complex tests, this was just a quick example.

For more check the official video tutorials on the following page:

Summary: The tool is well documented, easy to learn and surprisingly good to create and manage automated test suites for desktop applications, but the downside is that it is a bit overpriced.

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  1. Testing-whiz says:

    The test screen of this tool seems to be really descriptive and that is what really needed in testing application or web apps.I am looking forward for using this tool for my web app testing.
    testing automation tool

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