When using the Selenium IDE to generate C# tests users get the following error “Suite export not implemented for the cs-rc formatter”:

This happens because there is an error in the code that can’t convert from the default HTML Format to C#. The workaround is to go to Options -> Format and then select C# – Selenium RC. Once converted you don’t need to export anything you can just save it or copy paste it to your C# test.

With this workaround you can also export existing saved selenium test cases from HTML or any of the others to C#. Just open up the saved test case and then switch to C# in Options -> Format

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    9 Responses to “Solution for Selenium IDE Export to C# problem”

  1. Adam Goucher says:

    Actually, it isn’t a bug but means exactly what the message says — that exporting a suite is not implemented for C#. As of right now, only the Java formatters will export a suite.

    Exporting a single test case continues to work however.

    Se-IDE Maintainer

  2. Tibor Dudjik says:

    Hi Adam

    Thanks for pointing that out. I just wanted to post a workaround to this and to explain how its possible to make the convert if you did not choose the right format from the start and are trying to end up with a C# code.

  3. Justin Collum says:

    Doesn’t work for me. My menu option under format is slightly different: “C# (Remote Control)”. Installed Selenium a few days ago.

  4. Milo says:

    The “Option > Format” is complete greyed out?

    Any ideas?

  5. Nick says:

    Milo, you need to enable experimental features in the options.

  6. dgento says:

    Selecting Opions->format->PHP-Selenium-Rc works for me which gives php code and we can copy the code to the location where it access with phpunit

  7. Ganesh says:

    I want create a code in c# without remote server using selenium classes is it possible?

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