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Mobile testing and screenshots/videos transfer

In my previous post I have described the method with which we take screenshots or videos during the mobile testing. Taking the screenshot or video is only the first step.
The next step is transferring the screenshots to your computer.

If you use only one mobile device for testing, the best and fastest way is to connect the device directly to the computer. After the device was connected just copy-paste the images.
Now imagine that you have 5-6 devices, and you need to connect each one and copy the images. Very slow…

Recording videos of tests in Java

In Java, we can extend Selenium WebDriver test scripts to record videos by using an open source tool named Monte Media Library.
In this blog we will look at how to configure and use the Monte Media Library’s ScreenRecorder class with Selenium, to record movies of tests.
ScreenRecoder supports the AVI and QuickTime formats for recording movies. The program provides multiple configurations for colors, mouse cursor, screen refresh rate, mouse rate, audio, and so on.
First step is to download the ScreenRecorder.jar file from the site or search  the net for it.
Second step is to add the ScreenRecorder.jar file to the project’s build path.