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Screen recording – screencast – part III

In my previous posts I have described my favorite solutions for screen recording(Screen recording – screencast – part I and Screen recording – screencast – part II). Applications are free, just have to create an account. They have some limitations, but for the basic screen recording and image editing, they will work perfectly.
This time I will describe some paid/professional and easy-to-use programs. When we are talking about professional image/video editing, we have to say that there are many applications for this purpose. Most of them are very expensive, but they give lot of tools for image/video editing.

Screen recording – screencast – part II

In my previous post I have started introducing Jing. This time I will continue with Jing options and after that I will describe Box Simple Share.


After the record window was selected, there will be displayed the following options: Capture Screenshot, Capture Video, Redo selection and Cancel.

Screen recording – screencast – part I

Every tester will agree, that every well written issue should contain screenshots. Screenshots will help to explain the issues. But what about the complex issues, when have to click on more different places, execute complex operations to get the issue. You can take screenshot after every click and add explanation for every image. This can be solution, but a video is much better.

There are many situations when the screenshots are simply not enough. In this cases the best solution is to make video of the issue. There are many programs for screen recording. Some of them are totally free, some of them have a free and a commercial version.

Mobile testing – Screen recording on Android – non-rooted device

In my previous post Mobile testing – Screen recording on Android – rooted device I was talking about screen recording on rooted Android devices. The easy way to get a screencast app is by installing the app directly on the device(requires rooted device and in 99% with rooting users will void the warranty).
Here, we’ll describe how a user can record the screen onto a non-rooted device(this way is a little bit more complicated than the previous one.)

Mobile testing – Screen recording on Android – rooted device

Along with the spreading of the Android smart phones, more and more Android applications have been published. These apps should be thoroughly tested before they appear for download in the Play Store.

When testing a mobile application, you will need to take screenshots and record a video to document the error that happened.

There are apps that can make screenshots simple and now if you have Android with Ice Cream Sandwich or above installed, screenshot option is built-in. That’s fine, but what about recording video on Android?