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Some thoughts on Sauce

We’re started using this service a long time ago, and I can say they improved a lot in the recent years.
It became a reliable cloud system for running automated tests and for manual testing with a wast amount of virtual machine/browser combinations and what I love about them that almost everything is documented.


Writing effective test cases

Everybody can write a test case. What’s difficult is writing an effective test case. Luckily it’s a learnable skill, but it requires in-depth knowledge of the software it is written for.

Before we start writing one let’s ask “What is a test case?”.  A test case can be defined as “a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether a software, or a piece of it, works correctly”.

More tips on finding bugs during testing

This time we continue the Q&A series of tips and tricks. If you are a software tester or a QA engineer then you must be thinking every minute about finding a bug in an application. And you should be. We will focus on trying to find out the hidden bugs in the system that might occur for special conditions and cause strong impact on the system. You can find such bugs with some tips and tricks.

How to make your software testing more efficient

Software testing is an important phase in the Software Development Process. Here are a few tips to consider, that may help you improve the testing process and make it more optimized.

1. Get involved as early as possible
The sooner you get involved with the software development life cycle, the better you will understand the product. It will also help you to get on the same wavelength with the developers.

Tips for managing and taking care of your VMware machines

Last time we talked about how to best optimize your VM for a smooth work experience. This time we’ll talk about working with VM. These tips will help you avoid loss of time and grief in losing a virtual machine or critical data you have on your partitions. They will make your job easier in a day to day work.

Tip #1

Do not use fdisk or a similar utility to create partition tables, even if it is in the guest operating system on remote VMware ESX servers while you are in the virtual machine on the console. After you add a virtual machine disk by using one or more partitions on a physical disk, never modify the partition tables by running fdisk in the guest operating system.

Android/iPhone application testing – online services

In my previous post I have mentioned mobile application testing on simulator/emulator. This time I will describe the manual mobile application testing using online services. I have searched for online testing tools in Google and found many sites/services. Some of them only allow some devices listed and you can check only a website, by entering the URL. What about the apps made for mobile devices? I continued the search for something where I can test apps and URL’s, too.
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