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Test Management tools – Kanoah

Having a good test management tool is very important in every project. You can easily become confused, if you are working on many projects with different bug tracking and test management tools.
Just imagine that you have a powerful bug tracker and a test management system in one application, on one place and it works very well – that would be very cool. There are different tools which has both functionalities together, but many of them are complicated or pricey.
I have searched for tools which has both bug tracker and test management functionality and they are simple for use and their costs are correct. Found this: Kanoah Tests

What is Kanoah Tests?

Kanoah Tests is a test management solution designed for JIRA. It doesn’t require external integration. With Kanoah, you can easily create and organize Test Cases and Test Plans in folders and sub-folders. This can be very useful if you have many functions and sections on your page/application. Every of them can be added into separate folder and/or sub-folder. This gives you the ability to organize all your Test Cases and/or Test Plans in a well-structured library.

Testrail – first impressions

Everybody can confirm that the software development and testing are very complex processes. Having a good organizing tool (or using more of them) can help a lot to make the process faster and more fluid.
This time I will write about TestRail – the test management tool.

Why Testrail?

We have tried many test management tools – installed a lot of them, played with settings, configurations and at the conclusion was that those apps was uncomfortable/complicated for everyday use. We tried to find some free test management tools, but after few try we decided to try a professional ones.

Test management tools and Zephyr

What is a test management tool?

Test management tools have several features, like managing the tests, scheduling the tests, managing the test activities, text execution tools etc. You can find many related articles here

I have been looking for an optimal test management tool lately. First, I have searched for free tools, googled about these tools. Tried some of the demos. They are all very different (Comparison from StackOverFlow). Some of them were giving me really hard time during use, they were too complicated. On the end I got the feeling that everywhere is missing something. If the interface was simple, it was too limited or the whole system was too slow. How can you find the optimal, or I can say the best fit for you? Try them.