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BlazeMeter – Work with Selenium Webdriver

It was a long time we wrote about the BlazeMeter and during this time it comes more reliable, easy to use and there are also some new, great tools (Here you can find our latest post about BlazeMeter: Previous post about loadtesting with BlazeMeter).
Maybe the most important feature is that now you can use Selenium Webdriver to describe your test scenario. There are two ways of creating Selenium Webdriver test on BlazeMeter. You can write your own Selenium Webdriver script or you can record it. Unfortunately recording function was not published yet, so we will explain it in one future post (the link will be placed here).

Loadtesting with Blazemeter

We have finally got our hands on an interesting tool called Blazemeter. As is the case with other engineers, we are always trying to extend our knowledge. First time I heard about Blazemeter was a year ago in a seminar video, while I was trying to expand my knowledge on test recording and performance report analysis. At that time JMeter was more than enough to run our basic performance tests and based upon it’s results we were able to give good suggestions to our clients on improving their systems. As we started to test large systems we were starting to notice some weak spots of JMeter. In my opinion there are two weak spots of JMeter which slow down our work. One is the maintenance of a JMeter testing cluster. Before every testing you have to be sure that every machine is up, that all of the services are working correctly, that the network connection between the machines is ok, and of course you have to run a simple test to double check things, because sending wrong data to a client is not an option. The other thing is reporting. It’s a bit hard to create a user-friendly reports in JMeter, and usually you have to rely on an external tool to create them. As I read about Blazemeter’s function on their site I saw that Blazemeter has good scalability and nice reporting functions, and their site claims that it is an “Instant” load testing platform and you can start testing right away. We thought we should give this application a try.