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Benefits of using default methods in interfaces (JDK8) in web testing with selenium

Programming language Java doesn’t allow multiple inheritances. Java uses interfaces to simulate multiple inheritances without importing its disadvantages. The cost of this is that method implementation was not possible in interfaces until JDK 8.

JDK 8 contains a new feature which allows us to create default implementation for interface methods. Simply just add keyword “default” before the method definition and add implementation body for it. With this, the method will have a default implementation and we don’t need to override them anymore. Basically, we went a step toward multiple inheritances.

As always, there are few disadvantages which came with this feature. We will get a compile error if we have multiple default implementation for the same method. It can be fixed by overriding the method with a new implementation or explicitly call the chosen default method.

VirtualBox and some issues with it

Do you wonder about a bug free program which can handle virtual machines? Easy to use and it contains all those little shine elements you love to use? Sounds good, but it is barely possible.
I will not talk about perfect program, nor I found one which is, but about one which is open source and it contains many-many brilliant things which can be used. Is it bug free? Don’t be ridiculous, but it has nowadays a really mature version of it. Personally I loved to use versions like 4.3.30 if I am not wrong, but the last stable version is 5.0.10. The 5.0+ versions giving more visual satisfaction, also new functionalities as well.
I could talk about it all day, how to use, what to not use, about some configuration etc, but my goal is to give you some solution when you got a dead and with using it.
I am using Windows OS and I faced a lot of times the following issues:

  • Cannot register the DVD image ‘C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso’ {210a7bb3-0082-40cb-acb9-8a6d6cb9a2c0} because a CD/DVD image ‘C:\ProgramFiles\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso’ with UUID {e63728f6-bbfd-4a77-87ee-a90618ce4863} already exists.
    Error window
    What actually happened? Using virtual machines consummates a lot of empty space, so I have created a virtual machine, copied it to an external hard drive, copied back to the pc (it works faster from the primary hard disc than from an external hard drive), tried to use the Machine/Add+ option to add an existing virtual machine, than I got the error message.

Testrail – first impressions

Everybody can confirm that the software development and testing are very complex processes. Having a good organizing tool (or using more of them) can help a lot to make the process faster and more fluid.
This time I will write about TestRail – the test management tool.

Why Testrail?

We have tried many test management tools – installed a lot of them, played with settings, configurations and at the conclusion was that those apps was uncomfortable/complicated for everyday use. We tried to find some free test management tools, but after few try we decided to try a professional ones.

Comparison of web-based bug tracking tools

IT projects need a bug tracking (or issue tracking) system. Having a bug tracking system is extremely valuable in software development. They are used extensively by companies developing software products and applications.

There are lot of web-based bug tracking / project tracking tools. We tested the following tracking tools:

This test was a simple usability test and during testing the focus was on the following:

  • creating a new bug –  simple or not
  • new file upload – simple or not
  • uploading screenshot ability
  • tools for Windows, Mac, mobile devices
  • other (searching for tickets, comments…. )