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What is the best site or where to find quality material for learning?

New Year. New Resolution(s). If you haven’t started yet to work on new skills, it is the right period to do it. (it is never late anyway, but sooner is better)
Some holidays are over, some will just arrive. You have already started thinking about “upgrade” yourself to a “bigger”, smarter, more valuable you. Good thinking.

But, the most important question is where to start?

Browsing through the internet you can find a dozen of quality materials. But how can I know where could I learn the most and spend much less time with it?
The question will never have an exact answer because it always depends only on you. You can find quality materials, with the best ratings (actually, those are definitely worth to try), but it will not guarantee that it will fit for you.

So, where to find it?

If you already found earlier some lecturers, presenters, teachers who had shown nice approach to you, by explaining and presenting the materials, follow them. Search for their further work. That will surely spare you from some headache and from spending too much time for searching. Also, if there is one, there will be more. Investigate, listen and watch other ones.
What If I don’t want to spend too much money or I don’t want to spend money at all to those materials?
There are always individuals, who will catch your attention, and just from fun started to share their materials to help anyone who has the will to learn more. You have then three solutions.

VirtualBox and some issues with it

Do you wonder about a bug free program which can handle virtual machines? Easy to use and it contains all those little shine elements you love to use? Sounds good, but it is barely possible.
I will not talk about perfect program, nor I found one which is, but about one which is open source and it contains many-many brilliant things which can be used. Is it bug free? Don’t be ridiculous, but it has nowadays a really mature version of it. Personally I loved to use versions like 4.3.30 if I am not wrong, but the last stable version is 5.0.10. The 5.0+ versions giving more visual satisfaction, also new functionalities as well.
I could talk about it all day, how to use, what to not use, about some configuration etc, but my goal is to give you some solution when you got a dead and with using it.
I am using Windows OS and I faced a lot of times the following issues:

  • Cannot register the DVD image ‘C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso’ {210a7bb3-0082-40cb-acb9-8a6d6cb9a2c0} because a CD/DVD image ‘C:\ProgramFiles\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso’ with UUID {e63728f6-bbfd-4a77-87ee-a90618ce4863} already exists.
    Error window
    What actually happened? Using virtual machines consummates a lot of empty space, so I have created a virtual machine, copied it to an external hard drive, copied back to the pc (it works faster from the primary hard disc than from an external hard drive), tried to use the Machine/Add+ option to add an existing virtual machine, than I got the error message.

Test management tools and Zephyr

What is a test management tool?

Test management tools have several features, like managing the tests, scheduling the tests, managing the test activities, text execution tools etc. You can find many related articles here

I have been looking for an optimal test management tool lately. First, I have searched for free tools, googled about these tools. Tried some of the demos. They are all very different (Comparison from StackOverFlow). Some of them were giving me really hard time during use, they were too complicated. On the end I got the feeling that everywhere is missing something. If the interface was simple, it was too limited or the whole system was too slow. How can you find the optimal, or I can say the best fit for you? Try them.

Mobile friendly Algorithm

This algorithm will be the next on the list of Google’s updates. Will it impact too much on the Google SERPs in the future? Judge it yourself. Maybe it is enough to say, that more than 50% of the internet traffic is used by mobile devices.
Check here is your website mobile friendly.

Why is important to have a mobile friendly website?

Meaning of SEO words and acronyms

In my previous post – Seo for beginners, I have shared some basic information about the Search Engine Optimization. I want to continue with some more important words and acronyms.

Have you heard about Impressions?

SEO for beginners

I will show you what kind of things you shouldn’t miss if you want a better SEO. Don’t expect too much after one day or a week. SEO process is like a lifetime challenge. The world of SEO is constantly changing, so you must follow and study constantly. If you had the possibility it is always a good choice to hire a professional.

It doesn’t matters is it Google, Bing or Yahoo etc. your target where you want better ranking, but keep in mind, nowadays Google had the biggest traffic between the search engines. First define your clear goals, check all the Webmaster tools for SEO what you can find, they can really help you. Do not focus your traffic only on Google, use all the way you can make it. I think on other search engines and on social networks, too.

Some useful information for Android and IOS testing

This basic information wrote down in this post is maybe unneeded and not necessary for most of users, but just remember, when you got the first Android/IOS device and need to setup something. So the information below is a basic testing startup guide.

First important thing is to check your Android or IOS device system version. The possibilities are different for Android or IOS systems and the application settings are depending of the OS versions. It is very important to the developers to have the information, which device was used for testing and which characteristics they have.

How to test different resolutions – Part two – Firefox resolutions testing

Continuing from the last months Chrome resolution testing, we are going to test tools from Firefox. None of the tools listed simulate mobile devices. So for mobile testing the mobile web address will have to be manually used, as the browser won’t be recognized as a mobile device. Unfortunately this will not work with every site, and even on sites that work, some pages may not be displayed correctly.


This add-on uses the Add-on bar at the bottom of the Firefox window. Unfortunately this feature was removed in Firefox version 29+, so an additional add-on is required to make it work ( After installing the add-on bar it will appear at the bottom of the screen, from where the FireSizer can be used. The FireSizer will be located in the bottom right of the screen. It will show only as the current window resolution, right clicking the displayed resolution shows additional options. You can select from existing presets, or add you own. You can also save the current window size. This add-on doesn’t resize only the HTML area (viewport), but takes into account window borders, top/bottom status bars, menus, navigation buttons, etc. This isn’t so good for mobile testing, but makes more sense for desktop testing.

Checking the page links

Nowadays, by the technical advancement, people are meeting more and more issues, which are waiting to be solved. It’s clear, that everyone wants to find the simplest way, but sometimes the simplest is the worst way.
The complexity of the different tasks resulted on the end that there is no man/woman in the world who don’t make any mistakes. There are always unpredictable things, missing settings, elements and that is because we need to test the websites as effective as possible. But how to check all the page links on the page at once? (Checking all the links can mean finding viruses, too.)

Do you want to make a Pic? Use PicPick.

“Full-featured screen capture tool, Intuitive image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel-ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard and more”. These are the developers words. Let’s talk about it.

PicPick is a very useful and user friendly program.
The program can be installed on all windows operating systems, dual screen environment is supported, too. I’m using it all the time. The screen capture have more than enough options for screen capturing, the best part of it the output format. Everything (from copying to Clipboard to save in an External Program) is available.